Counselling in Coulsdon and Croydon Surrey



My Style of Work

I work from my practice counselling in Coulsdon  Surrey, I also practice in the surrounding areas of Purley, Redhill, Caterham and Croydon. I take care always to respect and value clients’ thoughts and feelings, including those towards me, both positive and negative.  My acceptance of what clients regard as ‘negative feelings’ particularly anger, enables clients to accept them also. Previously overwhelming emotions are then able to be contained and feel safe enough to be owned by a client helping him to become less self-critical and a more integrated individual.I am a member of the BACP and offer  counselling in Surrey via the BACP website. I strive always to be honest and genuine when working with my clients.  I feel that my own congruence helps to build mutual trust and respect between me and my clients.  This modelling of an equal, trusting relationship helps clients to go on to make other valuable relationships and to lead more fulfilling lives.

Counselling, How does it help ?

What is Counselling? It is “talking therapy” it gives the opportunity to explore ones thoughts and feelings in a confidential and safe place. We can all face difficulties at times in our lives, talking with a counsellor in a non judgemental safe place will help you mange and deal with those unwanted feeling. Help put them into perspective.  As a counsellor I use modals of counselling aimed to suit the individual needs of the client. Cognitive Behavioural therapy will challenge the thought patterns while other modalities (Psychoanalytic therapy) consider early experiences, and its enduring unconscious effects. All types of therapy should be tailored to the needs of the individual. Anxiety and depression can impact on our everyday lives, counselling helps one cope with feelings that may have affected our lives for a long period of time.

Coping with a trauma

Bereavement, a breakdown of relationship or redundancy can be overwhelming. Talking to an experienced counsellor can help alleviate  negative thoughts and feelings and make sense of them.

Expectations and desired results of Counselling

I aim to help a client find their own solutions to their issues,enabling them to accept and acknowledge difficulties. The aim is not to judge or advise the client but for them to discover their own ideas about solving problems and moving forward.

I work empathetically with my clients, building a relationship free of life outside. The counselling room enables one to freely and honestly express feelings gaining insight into their own answers and to facilitate positive changes.






Individuals £45
Couples £60